Pop music is just a short for popular. And popular music is pop for quite     several reasons.

Most people agree that pop music is catchy through easy cords and hooks…

Here’s a typical Pop Party Band Setlist which of course can be adapted as you like for your party


Pop music is pop when it contains any of the following conditions and ideas:

popular instruments: instruments that are common at the time given
popular singing: a set or range of singing used at any time
lyrical content: topics that are popular at any time and how the lyrics are delivered

What else can make music popular or signs of their time is whether music reflects popular things on purpose or if it rejects these things. Today we would easily deny many genres being popular, dependent of their respective time. Like heavy metal or more underground genres like industrial to which people in grotesque costumes celebrate some kind of pseudo independence. Yes it is true. Even that underground music is popular music as it is a vital form of expression towards popular trends and lifestyles.

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